Trees for Africa

Wells for Africa


A new way of thinking.  Building self-reliance.  Transforming nations.

Planting Trees in AfricaThe Africa Transformation Initiative is a holistic approach to bringing change based on training and sustainable models of integrated development.

Africa has tremendous potential

The African continent has gone through decades of misery. In fact, the word “Africa” conjures up images of political turmoil, ethnic cleansing, economic failures, disease, environmental degradation, famines, mismanagement, corruption, poor governance, and a myriad of other ills.

Wells in Africa

While it is easy to identify problems such as tribalism, nepotism or corruption, other more subtle patterns that tend to keep Africa in poverty also need to be addressed. Africa needs a paradigm shift – a people who will not see themselves as helpless victims but rather as potential change agents that can bring about positive results in their own lives as well as society. Africa is ripe for positive change.


A holistic approach

ATI promotes projects that empower. Every ATI project, be it planting treesdigging wells, training, prayer, micro-finance or emergency relief, is carried out in such a way as to help the peoples of Africa rise from a position of poverty and mentality of helplessness to a position of self-sustenance and attitude of hope.

The ATI approach is unique because it holistically includes the components of mindset change (behavior, habits, character and actions), spiritual renewal (prayer and personal ministry), intellectual advancement (training) and practical projects all integrated toward an overall goal.